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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:42 pm 
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I'm usually the last to know breaking news, but I thought I'd post this for all the crazy MMM people.
How To Get The Most Exp. From Your Maze
Article, JP Button, McNoob/Tips, Pet Food Alpha

http://petfoodalpha.com/2896/how-to-get ... #more-2896

In our current poll we’re asking readers what they use the new Moblin Maze Mongers feature for. The system can be used for several different things, skilling up weapons, learning spells for Blue Mage, synthesis, and even obtaining items. Currently over half of the votes have told us that this is already a system that players have lost interest in, similar to the long anticipated Chocobo Circuit.

Some new information has been revealed in a recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation Magazine which details the adventures of the Lightning Brigade. Their adventures this week are focused on maximizing the experience you can get with MMM. The results are hugely surprising and are sure to make many people consider mazes instead of going out to traditional camps.

In just one run the group received a whopping 9745 experience points from the hoardbox that is found upon completion of the maze. A decent merit party will earn around 20k exp per hour. With mazes taking a maximum of 30 minutes to complete, this could easily rival the popular experience camps. The near 10k exp is just from the completion of the maze. Experience points are still given for each individual monster, meaning that you could earn up to 12,000 exp in just one maze run!

Now the question that everyone is asking is “How did they do it!?”

They used an M01 Tabula and seven runes: Rune 003, Rune 010, Rune 014, Rune 017, Rune 018, Rune 102, and Rune 108.
This group of runes may not appear to be anything special, however the one that will make this run worthwhile is Rune 108: Conditioning Contract, which is reported to double the amount of experience points gained when opening the hoardbox at the end of a maze run. This particular rune can only be obtained when you have Rune 094: Lost and Found on your tabula. It can be purchased via 500 Moblin Marbles.

Special thanks to Corinth and JPButton for the information and images used in this article.


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:04 pm 
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yeah, some of us are working on mazes for the equip and I think we have a few working for exp as well...

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