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 Post subject: Bst Camps: 76-80
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:57 am 
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I got this from http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?f ... 679&page=1

Until we know what kind of mob levels can be found in Abyssea and the retooled CoP zones, I'm hypothesizing how I will get the new four levels on BST. Came up with a lot more ideas than I though, but most aren't concrete since I never really had reason to explore those areas before. I've got half my anniversary ring left, 2/5 on an Allied Ring, and my server will have one next week (presumably, since we had Fiat Lux this week), so I'm ready to get there pretty fast. I've got capped exp already, so basically starting at 76. So barring any new FoV areas or better new camps, this is my present course:

76-78 - Ifrit's Cauldon; Ash Lizard vs. Volcanic Bomb (Hurricane Wyvern?)

Just past the drop where you enter Cloister of Flames, near the big open room where Wyverns spawn. This camp was a little too hard at 75, since some Lizards were T and couldn't be converted because of Bomb aggro. This camp will have to be /NIN (/DNC isn't up to par yet) as to avoid magic aggro. How hard are the Wyverns?

Alternative Camp:

76-78 - Den of Rancor; Puck vs. Tormentor (Or visa-versa, depending on levels and linkage)

Enter just north of the Yhoater OP Warp. This is another camp that, while doable at 75, I could never get reliable charms on the Mandies to make it worthwhile. Has the convenience of a relatively close zone, and FoV Refresh/Reraise/Food/etc.

* * *

77-79 - Kuftal Tunnel; Ovinnik vs. Ovinnik

Can't say I've ever really explored this camp before, but the level range just seems perfect. Prey doesn't link, so just have to hope mobs are arranged nicely for continuous chains. Really looking forward to trying this one out, this was the first camp that sprung to mind when I heard about the level cap raised.

Potential Alternative #1:

77-78 - Bhaflau Thickets; Sea Puk vs. Sea Puk and Mamools (Thanks to sscearcev for details)

Would likely be best as a duo camp. Located literally outside Mamool Ja Staging Point. There are 10 Puks to use as pets, and lots of aggro from Mamool and Wyverns.

Potential Alternative #2:

77-78 - Beaucedine Glacier (S); Icefang Tiger vs. Icefang Tiger

I know there are a number of them (I-9), but idk if its enough to make an actual camp out of. There may be lots of aggro from undead mobs, as well.

Potential Alternative #3:

77-79 - The Boyahda Tree; Darter, Blood Ball, and Bark Tarantula vs. Bark Tarantula (Thanks to Kevanff for suggestion)

I know the spiders and flies are on map 4, but where are the 6 leeches located?

* * *

78-80 - Dragon's Aery; Darter and Bark Tarantula vs. Bark Tarantula (Thanks to Kevanff for suggestion)

Small zone with lots of mobs, spiders aggro and everything links. Could technically start at 77, but may not find enough EM pets. I would camp at entrance from Boyahda Tree, be wary of Fafnir/Nidhogg!

Alternative Camp #1:

78-80 - Ceadavra Mire: Spongilla Fly (78-79) vs. Heraldic Imp (79-81)

Exit from Azuoph Isle Staging Point. May be competition from standard exp parties.

* * *

This is as far as I've gotten. I really can't find any good camps just searching through wiki. If anyone has any ideas or knows the mobs' map locations for the following ideas, please comment on this thread!:

Arrapago Reef: Ashakku (71-74) vs. Seneschal Imp (77-78) or Jnun (77-80)
Mamook: Nipper (76-77) and Sea Puk (76-78) vs. Spinner (79-81) or Battle Bugard (78-79)
Xarcabard (S): Caracal (77-78) vs. Cointeach (79-80) or Ruly Imp (81)
Den of Rancor: Million Eyes (73-76) vs. Doom Toad (79-81)

I wanna duo with another bst *wink daymos wink* or anyone else who has it :D!!


 Post subject: Re: Bst Camps: 76-80
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:34 am 
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I like bibiki bay (at 75), the dhalmels are all T and the birds/rabbits are DC. With luck you can hit chain 4 there, lots of pet food is a must though since the dhalmels will occasionally do bad stuff- def down, agl up, etc..

It would be a great spot to duo ^^ 2 dc's will eat up a dhalmel and plenty of pets available.

The other camps sound fun too, especially ifrits cauldron because I have scary memories of mining there.

Also Ovinnik vs Ladons in kuftal would be great fun as a duo at like 78ish, Ladons are 80-82 and give "23% more Experience Points than normal for a mob of its level". I always wanted to kill Ladons since I was exping on Ovinnik there as pld several years ago and our puller kept getting 1-2 shotted by them.

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